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Archery is the art of using a bow and arrow. Coming from the Latin word arcus, archery has historically been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. Cyprus has a large community of archers, with the first ever games taking place in 1989 (9th April). With the support of the Cyprus Archery federation (founded in 1973), Archery has grown to a massive competitive sport, with categories of 30, 60 and 70m for all age ranges to compete.

Disciplines: Recurved Bow, Compound Bow.

IPC disciplines and categories:

Categories:RW-W1 competing together with RW-W2, RM-W1 competing together with RM-W2, CW-W1, CM-W1, RW-ST, RM-ST, CW, CM.

Age categories: 12-18, 18+